Why Us

Different and Better:

  • Unlike found in builder led redevelopment, Anandamide does not sell promises but real-time services that are well-managed and reliable and outperforming the conventional redevelopment or self-redevelopment working system.

Financial Terms:

  • Anandamide Self Redevelopment Advisors Pvt Ltd will charge a management fee commensurate with the suite of professional services being offered thereby facilitating a large portion of the profit which a developer would make in the traditional redevelopment process to be retained by the client itself.  The client not only benefits in terms of the entire project and its variables thereof being under its control but also will have tangible financial benefits over and above what it would have got under the traditional redevelopment done by a developer.


  • Customer’s satisfaction being our utmost priority, we are focused on establishing trust through our competently accomplished services that are second to none.

Meeting Deadlines:

  • There are several traditional redevelopment projects in Mumbai which are still underway, stuck in the middle, thereby leaving the societies in disregarded and vulnerable.
  • On the other hand, projects led by Anandamide are timely delivered, as per the predetermined scheduled. At Anandamide, we do understand the sentiments of individuals going through the phase and hence we strive to hand over the complete project as early as possible.

Assured Transparent Operations:

  • Anandamide embraces transparency in its operations to keep customers’ dubiety at bay. Software access to clients on the work progress facilitates clarity from our end.
  • Societies can track and monitor that every activity performed in the project is lawful and brought about solely in the interest of societies.