Stranded Projects

Given the significant alteration in the market dynamics in the last few years, this has become a stark reality with quite a few projects in Mumbai where the appointed developer has stopped paying rent since long to the members and the construction is also stopped midway. The members are going through extreme hardships and stress with no signs of improvement in the situation. The pain points of each project will vary requiring an in-depth study of the project intricacies and the legal documentation thereof.

Anandamide Self Redevelopment Advisors Pvt Ltd can provide solutions to such stuck-up projects and can advise on the future strategy to be adopted by them for breaking of the deadlock that they are currently into.

After an in depth study Anandamide will advise on the recourse available to mitigate the risks and early resumption of the redevelopment project. Anandamide will also act as the advisor to take the necessary steps for the said revival and help in actual execution of the project.