Anandamide Self Redevelopment Advisors Pvt Ltd is founded by Bharat Rao with a vision to become one of the leading Real Estate Development Advisory Firm serving the housing, commercial and utility building needs of its clients throughout Mumbai including the Western and Central Suburbs.

After becoming a Chartered Accountant, Bharat Rao worked in the financial services industry with experience in working with a stock exchange, practicing as a Chartered Accountant, creating a dedicated team of financial advisors for Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund where he specialized in training & managing a team of financial advisors.

After several years in the financial services industry, he ventured into real estate development in Virar, an extended suburb of Mumbai and subsequently has done projects at Virar, Palghar and Kandivali. A First-Generation Real Estate Developer, since more than 15 years, has developed residential and industrial projects in and around Mumbai.

He has risen from modest backgrounds and hence is very aware and can identify the pain points that a society member goes through when handing over the existing abode for demolition with an expectation of possessing a newer, bigger and better home with modern amenities.

In addition to successfully handling the business, he also volunteered to be a  part of the 3 member Managing Committee since inception of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Borivali. The School was started to impart stress free and value education to children. Was a key member and particularly instrumental in acquiring the school plot, construction of the building and handling finances of the school. The entire work was honorary in nature and done to fulfill his passion for making a difference in the society by imparting the Art of Living knowledge to children from school level itself.